WordPress Websites

Language Media WordPress website creation In London.

WordPress is now the world’s leading publishing platform. Here at Language Media we can create a website for your small or medium business very quickly. We can buy the domain, install WordPress, create a design and fill the pages with relevant content suitable for your clients.

WordPress – a powerful semantic publishing platform

WordPress is an open-source personal publishing platform with a great set of free features and plugins which purpose is to make website management as easy and pleasant as possible without any explicit knowledge. Supported by a large online community, WordPress allows its users to create highly-organized, securely protected and aesthetic looking websites without spending a penny.
The platform can be installed in a one-click installation on a server  in the cloud or on a corporate intranet – the website owner is granted a total control over what, when and how things are going to work on the website.

Why you should use WordPress?

WordPress is not only about blogging. Many people do not realize that it is a powerful content management system (CMS) which allows you to easily change and update the content of your dynamic webpages. It is extremely useful for small and medium business websites for several reasons.
Besides being a FREE tool, WordPress platform allows website owners to easily make changes on the website without having to know HTML or ask their webmaster for help every time they want to make a small change.
Another important reason for working with WordPress is the SEO. WordPress has proven to be search engine friendly, which means that it provides built-in SEO tools and, as a result, pages built on WordPress have a good chance to get a decent ranking.
A great variety of free themes and plug-ins is another beneficial advantage for start-ups who cannot afford maintaining a developer’s team of their own.

WordPress and multiple languages

WordPress can be used in practically any language, and, with the help of plug-ins such as qTranslate and WPML, it is also possible to create a multi-lingual blog or website. Wordress provides the option to create and localize a website in over sixty different languages; it works with several alphabets such as: Japanese, Chinese, Cyrillic and Arabic and lets you manage right-to-left languages as well.
To create a localized website all you need to do is download the localized version of WordPress or upload the desired language pack. The upcoming WP 3.3 version also allows to quickly add a new language right from the admin panel.
There are a number of ways you can make your multilingual website look like: for example, you can either view the same post in a different language each on a separate page, or keep all the languages posts on the same page simply letting the user scroll down through the content.

WordPress and E-commerce

If you run a small or medium business selling products online, you will definitely need a shopping cart solution. WordPress offers a fully integrated shopping cart system that can be built into your website. One of the popular ecommerce plugins is WooCommerce, or WP ECOMMERCE (free)  which provides your customers with an all-in-one user experience from moment they enter your virtual store until they check out.
Another example of an excellent plugins is Cart66 and Shopp, both of which are available for free and offer a variety of functions, each having its accentuated points: Cart66 enables managing the sales of digital and physical products as well, while Shopp focuses on easy design customization. Each plugin has premium features available for an extra fee.
Besides being convenient in use, customizable and search engine optimized, WordPress Shopping Cart plugin can be easily integrated with your existing WP website, this means, you do not have to run two separate systems anymore: a significant advantage speaking in terms of functionality and maintenance.