Optimize Your WordPress Site By Adding It To Google Webmaster Tools

Adding your WordPress site to Google Webmaster Tools is one of the important and best ways to optimize your site for search engines. In this article we will tell you how to add wordpress site to Google Webmaster Tools.

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Google Webmaster Tools

Google webmaster tools are a set of tools provided by Google to facilitate us at how our website will be seen by the search engines. With this set of tool you get different data and report with which you can understand how each page of your site is appearing in search results. The Search Query section in Google Webmaster Tools demonstrates the performance of each page of your site, how many times each page is clicked, where your site ranks in search results for each keyword etc. It also permits you to submit XML sitemap of your site, leave out URLs and help search engines to display most imperative content of your site. It also informs you if your site is discontinue crawling and indexing your site’s pages.

Step by Step Process of adding your WordPress Site to Google Webmaster Tools

If you don’t know the exact way of adding wordpress site into Google Webmaster Tools then follow the step by step process given below:

1. First open the Google Webmaster Tools website and sign in with your Google account. If you don’t have Google account then signing in for an account. After signing in, add your website and click “add new site button”.

2. In next screen your verification will be done in order to verify the ownership of domain which you are adding. This can be done either by uploading HTML file in the root directory of your site by FTP or by getting the Google provided Meta tag which you can add in your website’s homepage.

  • If you want to add Meta tag in your wordpress site then make use of Insert headers and footers plugin. For this go to Settings and then Insert headers and footers and add the provided Meta tagline into the header field. Meta tagline looks something like this

<meta name=”google-site-verification” content=”VerificationKeyCode” />. Now save the changes done and return to Google Webmaster Tools site and click “Verify site” button.

  • On the other hand if you want to use wordpress SEO plugin then the simplest way is to  copy the verification key from meta tagline and paste it into wordpress SEO plugin. Save the changes done and return to Google Webmaster Tools site and click “Verify site” button.

3. After the verification of your ownership to domain, the next step is to add XML sitemaps which you have created in WordPress. If you have not created any XML sitemap for your site then it is good to create it because it helps search engines to display the important content of your site. After adding XML sitemap, it may take a moment to show your site data.

So, these are step by step process to add a wordpress site to Google Webmaster Tools. Hope this article will be helpful for you if you are thinking of doing the same and little bit confused how to start with it. You can also find more help on: http://en.support.wordpress.com/webmaster-tools/

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