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Language Media multilingual content. Copy-writing translations for the web.

If your business is based in London or internationally we can help you to create the right content that is most suitable for your audience. Our expert, accurate and fast writers can deliver what you are looking for at competitive rates.
Language Media can also provide fresh content (or translations) in the following languages: Italian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, or really any language that you might need for the web.

Address your customers in their native language.

Addressing your potential customers directly in their own languages is the key of any successful international  campaign. While English plays a major role on the internet not everyone is able to understand it. Your business is more likely to have advantages over the competition if your site is shown to the customer directly in their naive language.


The Importance of Content Creation for Your Business

One of the most essential things to consider when launching a website is content. Content is the face of your company, the voice of your product and it is definitely worth spending time, money and effort on making a really good one. Creating fresh, informative material on a permanent basis is a time consuming job that requires professionalism, research and writing skills. However, it is hard to think of a better way to promote a brand and get exposed rather than by presenting updated and relevant information for your visitors. Internet users are in constant search of “information injection” in any form: articles, videos or images. No matter what type of content you choose to use, you should take it will all the seriousness.

Content is King in Today’s SEO

“Content is King” – is a saying that has been proven to be true by at least one generation of net users. People are looking for different kind of information on the web: news, customers’ reviews, “how to…” or “tips and tricks” articles – but regardless of the subject a better written, fresh content always attracts more visitors. Therefore, no matter what the website is about, if its purpose it to provide information it should make quality content its top priority.
Determining your target audience is one of the most important steps when creating online presence. The vocabulary and language style of your content depends on who will be your potential readers: business people, teenagers or housewives, for example.
The internet is swarmed with numerous webpages – good and bad – and, as a result, customers are trying to do their best to avoid unnecessary flows of information. People would not spend their valuable time online reading poor or irrelevant content. Whoever is visiting your website is looking for accurate, trustworthy information written in good English (or any other language). This is why the material provided on your blog or website should be extremely sharp and focused, dedicated to your target audience.
In today’s world there are too many different resources of knowledge online. Finding quality information is a time consuming task. Once your customers get used to the fact that your website is a trusted online resource where they can find exactly what they are looking for, it will make them come back over and over again. This is how decent content can become your most valuable asset to attract new visitors and keep on the existing ones.

How good content will help your company to rank high and avoid penalties

To get the highest ranking on Google search engine, it is extremely important to avoid making poor content, duplicate pages, include too much advertising or use black hat SEO techniques. Website owners who break these rules are subject to Google penalties and, as a result, their sites’ ranks are being significantly lowered.
Google Panda updates have been conducted since February 2011 every month or so, keeping track on webpages adjusting the ranking based on different criteria such as content, links, domain age and more. As a rule of thumb, any website that expects to get a high rank should have its unique, original content. Great content is a strong marketing tool and gradually, it grants the website a respectable position in search results.
Another way in which good content contributes to your online success is back linking. Naturally, the best way to make people wish to link to your website is by providing new, compelling and valuable content on a permanent basis. Useful content is the most effective method to create a good and established reputation.
High ranking content requires some SEO techniques as well. Obviously, the article should not be flooded with keywords, but it is SEO-wise to choose several words or phrases that will help online users find your website when making a search query. Every page of your website has to be SEO focused, carefully using the keywords that relate specifically to the page topic. Google search algorithm ranks every webpage individually; therefore, the content of a webpage should be adjusted separately with its unique keywords.

Our company creates content in multiple languages for your international site.

English is still the dominant language in the internet today. However, things change and as time goes by more and more international companies prefer to have multilingual versions for their websites. Language Media offers a spectrum of web globalization services such as website translation and multilingual web marketing. Having your website translated into other languages with proper layout and design will attract non English speaking audiences and will expose you to more potential customers.
If your company’s goal is creating a global brand or if your business has reached its potential in the domestic market and is looking for new opportunities for growth, then having a multilingual website is a must.
Translation of a website should be carefully planned; there are several important factors that should be taken into consideration: font size (some languages require encoding adjustment), the usage of top-domain, subdomain or a subdirectory (which depends on your company and its position in the marketing niche), web design and layout – to name a few. Making a translated version requires more than just translating the words and sentences, but it is all about the message that your business conveys. Also, it is important to use appropriate language style and pay attention to cultural references. Another important factor is the SEO which should not be forgotten as well.
Making a multilingual website is a creative and complicated job, but it is worth the time and the effort. Language Media encompasses various strategies to build a professional, international website with all the necessary components.