WordPress vs Joomla: Which is the Best Online Content Manager?

Whereas there are a large number of content management systems to choose from in the modern day software market, very few of them can match up to the effectiveness offered by WordPress and Joomla.  Some people might argue that these content managing systems are only popular because they are the oldest but that is really not the case.  If you take some time to examine the web development tools of the day, you will actually realize that these two software tools are not even the oldest and neither are they the pioneers of the content management systems space.  In fact, there is a large number of CMS platforms which were in use before these two came into the picture.

One thing that is for sure is that both of these platforms have been growing in popularity pretty fast since they are generally easy to use.  The birth of these open source solutions a few years ago more of opened the doors to possibilities of creating dynamic websites and blogs.

So, between Joomla and WordPress, which one is the best? Here is a brief overview of pros and cons of each:

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·        WordPress is Open source. The open source aspect is one of the main reasons why it is a preferred option for many beginners and advanced web developers both.

·        WordPress is easy to set up.  This is another major advantage that makes this a good option for many web developers.  In fact, many proponents of the platform love to make use of this tagline when marketing WordPress.

·        WordPress is easy to customize.  Even the most inexperienced users can make use of WordPress to customize their websites.  Therefore, if you want to personalize your website to suit your needs and preferences, this is the kind of platform to use.


·        Security is a major concern for any open source content management system and so it applies to WordPress.

·        Best plug-ins are not free




·        Easy set up. Just like the case is for WordPress, Joomla is much easier to setup and deploy.

·        Powerful extensions; Joomla offers a wide range of plug-ins so as to help you in managing and enhancing your web contents.

·        Extensive user permissions; Joomla offers you a range of resources so as to manage user permissions and privileges.


·        Requires the user to have a more advance knowledge of web application for customisation

·        Joomla is not SEO friendly as WordPress