Who are we?

Language Media digital Marketing consultants

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) consultant in London- Multilingual Internet marketing & optimised websites.

SEO (aka search engine optimizing) professionals in London.

Our company specialises in optimising websites. If you are planning an internet marketing strategy we can help to promote your business online.

How Language Media can help your business? Today potential customers are looking online for your products and services. We can build a website or improve your existing one to make it easy to find through the internet. We specialize in SEO, Internet marketing and pay per click management.

How can you improve my online marketing strategy?
Language media will analyse your business and your website. After an initial free consultation we will inform you where your business needs attention. Normally we will start analysing your keywords through your website and compare it with your competition. The key strategy for improving your online marketing strategy varies depending on the nature of your business. Initially after keyword analysis we will look at the content of your website to make it relevant for the customers that are looking for your products and will make sure that your website has the right keyword density and relevancy. Secondly, we will initiate a link exchange strategy by contacting relevant websites. Your website might need relevant content to be added to your pages in order to increase visibility on the search engines. Lastly, we will initiate a hosted marketing strategy by distributing content such as press releases through the internet.

How Internet marketing can help your business?
Nowadays people and potential customers are looking for your services online. Language Media puts your business in front of their eyes. Let’s imagine a typical customer, who is actively looking for a particular service; his or her first step would be doing a search on a popular search engine such as Google, MSN or yahoo.

The potential customer would use a key phrase or a single keyword to find your business. Language Media will make sure that your website is searchable, indexable and easily found. The first step of our work involves analysing your customer’s needs and behaviour. We create keyword rich content that it is interesting for your visitors but it also visible to the search engines. We build relationships with other friendly websites in order to obtain back links to your website. In this way we increase your popularity on the web as links are like votes to the eyes of the search engines.
If you have an international audience or you want to expand to other countries we can build multilingual websites and optimise accordingly.

Internet marketing and languages.

If your business is a Hotel, a language school, travel agency or any other business that benefits from international exposure, you should consider a multi-language website. Our company also specialises in translation for the web, multilingual websites and multilingual SEO marketing.

Multilingual marketing and SEO

The internet is growing fast. English has been traditionally the language of the web but things are changing fast. There is an increasing number of surfers who speak languages other than English. If you want to sell internationally it is vital that you address your potential customers in their native language. First of all they are more likely to search for your services in their own language but also they are more likely to buy if the website is in their native tongue.
Language Media specialises in multilingual website content building and search engine optimising. We have a team of dedicated linguists to help you in going internationally. We will be able to advise on cultural differences and help you to building a strategy to improve visibility and sales

Expanding Your Business Through Data Science

In addition to our digital marketing and SEO consulting, Language Media takes a step further into the future of business operations through our expertise in Data Science. As your data science consultant in London and internationally, we recognise the potential of informed, data-driven strategies in navigating the complex digital marketplace.

Data Science and Your Business

In an era where data is the new gold, understanding it and knowing how to use it can significantly impact your business decisions. Data science is a powerful tool that allows us to extract meaningful insights from vast and complex datasets. These insights can inform business strategies, guide your marketing efforts, enhance customer experience, and ultimately increase your profitability.

Our Approach

At Language Media, we use advanced data analytics, machine learning techniques, and database management to uncover hidden patterns, trends, and correlations in your business data. Whether your audience is in London, Milan, Rome, or anywhere across the globe, our multilingual team is ready to analyse and interpret your data, revealing valuable insights into your customer behaviour and market trends.

Data Science Services at Language Media

We offer various data science services including predictive analytics, customer segmentation, market basket analysis, and sentiment analysis. We also specialise in SQL databases, helping you organise and manage your data more effectively. Our data experts are experienced in Python, R, and other data analysis tools, providing you with comprehensive data solutions.

If your business has an international audience, or you’re looking to expand overseas, our multilingual data science services can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Just like our SEO and marketing services, our data science services are available in multiple languages, making us your ideal partner for multilingual data analysis and insights.

Whether you’re a startup looking for data-driven growth strategies or an established company looking to leverage your data for better decision-making, Language Media is here to help. Transform your data into actionable insights with us and gain a competitive edge in your market.

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