Local SEO Marketing

What is local Seo?

If you operate a business who relies on customers in a determined local area, you will certainly benefits from this type of locally focussed digital marketing. Our local search engine optimising strategy creates highly targeted websites that are indexed and easy to find for clients already looking for your services in your area. You will be surprised how many business owners ignore this simple and effective method to gain new customers. Search engines strive to return localized results. Therefore optimizing existing websites and creating highly targeted new ones can be very rewarding for the local business.

Highly Targeted campaigns.

After an initial keyword analysis we will create the right steps for your company to succeed in your local area. This is normally done by creating targeted websites with the keywords that your customers are using to find business in a certain area. This strategy is also reinforced using Google Places for Business that can be set up for brick and mortar businesses and it is highly effective for local marketing.  This type of local marketing is often ignored by many small businesses,  Google Places for Business  display your company information in the search and in google maps.

Spend less for traditional advertising & marketing.

Once you have a locally optimised website, it produces results for a very long time and it will need very little maintenance and the recurring fees are very low. This will allow your company to spend less on traditional advertising. If you are small business owner you will soon releasing how expensive is to advertise but local SEO can lower the money spent on local newspaper advertising, flyers and pay per click campaign. In this highly competitive environment keeping costs under control is becoming crucial for SME, and often it is what makes a business more or less successful.