Internet Marketing

Language Media Internet Marketing in London.

Our company can help your organisation to increase its presence on the internet. We specialise in Search Engine optimising, Social Media marketing and Pay Per Click with a focus on multilingual operation. If you want to target customers who are speaker of other languages Language Media can help you with our cutting edge multilingual SEO. Out of the box we can promote your online presence in Italian, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese. Our company can also help you to set up campaigns in more exotic languages such as Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Arabic and any other language that you might want to target.

What is Internet Marketing?

Internet Marketing (a.k.a online marketing, web marketing and e-marketing) is a broad term which refers to promoting products and/or services through the internet.

There are many ways in which online marketing can be done: advertising through specialized content, banner ads, videos or social networks. Search engine optimization is an integrated part of internet marketing as well.

Just like in a traditional advertising, the success of an online marketing campaign greatly depends on choosing the right promotional strategy and maintaining it in the optimal way.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search engine optimization is a set of techniques and practices to ensure that a certain webpage is being indexed and highly ranked by a search engine. There are billions of websites on the internet and the purpose of a search engine is to enable a fast and effective way for a user to find the most relevant result to their search query.

Major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing display their search engine result pages (SERP) in the order of relevancy: the most query-relevant, trustworthy and authoritative websites presumably appear on top. When planning a website it is essential to consider not only the human aspect (interesting content, images and catchy design) but also the way search engine mechanism works.

When optimizing a webpage to be visible by a search engine, it is important to keep a healthy balance between human and non-human interest: over manipulating search optimization tricks may lead to the opposite results.

What is Social Network Marketing?

Social Network Marketing (a.k.a. Media Marketing) relates to the process of gaining traffic, advertising and creating online presence through social network websites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and more.

Social Network Marketing is a part of Internet Marketing that applies specifically to online social activities such as: blogging, uploading videos, images and updates related to the company’s business.

One of the most popular social network marketing strategies is blogging. Many companies, large and small, find that publishing posts regularly about their ongoing activity helps their customers get a better idea of the company’s values, increase awareness and, eventually, boost sales.

Another working strategy is building a company’s corporate page on a networking site. Facebook and Twitter pages allow its users to become fans and followers and keep in touch with the company’s updates and activities. A business page on LinkedIn addresses professionals in the same field, while a YouTube channel is a great opportunity to upload video conferences, webinars and tutorials to increase public interest and subscribers.

What is Pay Per Click (PPC)?

Pay per click is an online way of advertising, which serves to generate leads and attract appropriate audience to visit your website. The idea of PPC is to expose online users to targeted image and text ads that will bring them to relevant websites.

The most common PPC advertising program is Google’s AdWords, though there are other popular ones like AdCenter (Yahoo/Bing), Chitika and AdBrite to name a few. The website owner pays a certain amount (the cost ranges between $0.30 to $1.5 per click, depending on the ad content and size).

Choosing the right PPC strategy generally depends on your goals and budget. To evaluate a click you need to understand the objectives of your campaign: reinforcing your brand or direct product marketing. However, certain things must be considered regardless the final aim: research relevant keywords, sort them into themes and develop a clear structure of your business topic.

A successful PPC campaign management is all about trial and error. It takes a while to figure how cost-effective PPC is for your business.