Multilingual SEO Consultant

Language Media is a multilingual SEO and Internet marketing consultancy agency based in London. We can help you if your business is expanding to other countries. We cover the main European Languages such as Italian, French, German, Spanish, Russian and Portuguese. We also cover non european languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, and many more.   Our company can help you  with multilingual site content management, multilingual search engine optimisation, and multilingual marketing research.

Multilingual  Websites Content and SEO.

If your company is expanding to the new countries, probably the first thing you need is a website that targets the consumers in theirs native language. It is well known  that we respond better when we are addressed in our own  language. Language Media specialises in the creation of web optimised content for languages such as Italian, Russian, German, Spanish and French.  At an initial stage we would consult with the client to see what type of content is required and research the keywords that are needed for your business to succeed. We use a team of experienced copywriters and native translators to produce content for your website.

Multilingual international marketing.

Creating SEO optimised website targeting specific countries can be a good marketing strategy. Before your company makes an important investment abroad you can use the web to see if potential customer are already searching for your services online. By creating a keyword rich website with interesting content for the reader you can already see if there is interested for a certain product abroad.

The Role of Language Media.

Our company has gained several years of experience in the field of International online marketing through the creating of successful multilingual e-commerce and websites. We can created unique content in multiple languages and also we can simply translate your existing content in new languages.