The Benefits of Expanding Your Site to More Languages

How many people are you reaching with your website in the language it currently is in? Many business people create excellent websites and do a great deal of SEO so that they can get ranked by Google but they ignore one thing; that they should be reaching out to more people than just those who can read and understand English. Allowing translation on a website opens up a world of possibility in terms of the number of people you can get to buy from you. Imagine how much your sales would increase, if for example, the people in China and India could read and understand your website. The numbers are in the billions. Converting even a fraction of these would change the bottom line of your business. By not having what we can call international website content, you are seriously limiting the potential your business has to make you rich.
Mind Your Language: 01/01/07

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Another thing to take into account is that people generally like to be addressed in their own language. The sense of foreignness is dispelled. They are much more likely to open up to your message if they feel that you are one of them. And once they open up, you have every chance of converting them into prospects and even customers.  It doesn’t matter that they may have a glimpse of English or even that they can read it and understand it very well. A millionaire in Nairobi who knows English and who is looking to buy something online will most likely look at the websites that are in his traditional Swahili language; it just feels a lot more familiar to him and familiarity breeds trust. Now, imagine that he is happy with the product or service and starts to talk about it with his other rich Nigerian friends; won’t they buy from you the next time they need it? It doesn’t cost much to have your website translated. There are many services that create multi-lingual content for websites, and they translate most of the world’s popular languages, at least the ones that are spoken by multitudes.
Translation buys you one other advantage; you may inadvertently discover entirely new niches that you would have missed entirely. A whole new group of people could discover you and start buying from you simply because they are looking for your product or service and your website is in a language that they can understand. You can then work on growing these new niches so that you can reach out to even more people. And remember, the number of people who speak English in the world are less than those who speak other tongues so the potential for your sales to exponentially increase among non-English speakers remains huge. Even cornering a small percentage of non-English speakers who consistently buy from you will see a big jump in sales.
To conclude, translation is worth the money and the time that you will put into it. Having multi-lingual doorways will open doors that you otherwise never have known existed.