Three Reasons Why All Local Businesses Should Be Online

A growing number of users today take actively participate in online discussions, reviewing and ranking individuals and organizations they deal with – shops, medical specialists, travel agents – to name a few. Most of the consumers make an online research before buying a product, booking an appointment or even using a local service: 85% of all deals and purchases begin on the internet. Therefore, online presence is vital and its significance only grows bigger as more and more people have access to the web. Whether your business is local or international, big or small – you ought to think in terms of online recognition.

Local Business Listing: It Is Important

About 20% of all Google searches are associated with a certain location. Placing an online business listing can only enhance exposure, especially if your target audience is the local population. Read estate agencies, dental clinics, lawyer’s offices – these are just a few examples fitting into this category. An accurate listing will help potential customers identify your organization whenever they make a search related to a specific geographic area.

Owners of verified business listings get access to the insight data covering users’ interaction on the listing for up to ninety days. That includes number of views, areas from which people have checked out directions to business location using Google Maps, keywords which were used to discover the business and many more. Analyzing these statistical graphs and numbers ought to give a better picture on business online activity and development.

Google Business Places and Google+ Local

Google Business Places is a free mapping application allowing business owners to create local listings, similar to those on Yellow Pages. Easily manageable and customizable, a listing contains all the necessary information: map, photos, customer reviews, specifications and points of interest.

Starting from May 2012, Google has officially launched its social network, Google+, where users can create two types of pages: a business listing and a socially featured local Google+ page, analogous to a Facebook profile. When a listing gets verified, the local Google+ page automatically merges with previously existing business listing on Google Places and a new check marked profile is created.

How to Use Google Listing Wisely

There are several effective ways to optimize a business listing ranking. To get the most of your website and Google+ account, use special keywords to describe your professional specialties and points of interest. Adding extra categories is one way to do it – each category should stand for a different qualification. A real estate agent, for example, may add categories such as “foreclosure”, “investment” or “rentals” – depending on their specialization.

Placing photos of the business is an exceptional way to make your listing stand out. Photos are displayed next to each listing on the search result page of all the specialists in your area, creating a visual distinction between you and the others.

Another powerful approach is publishing trusted feedbacks from existing customers. People tend to rely on reviews from reliable sources – friends or followers – rather than browsing anonymous referrals. There is nothing wrong in asking some of your clients to leave a brief description of their experience.


A strong online presence and internet marketing are the ultimate ways to run a successful business. Google Places and Google+ are business locators throughout the world. Keeping a well-organized Google+ account is essential for to keep b a local business up and running.