SEO: How to Solve the Not Provided Dilemma

The Not Provided dilemma is affecting countless SEO specialists and webmasters. As part of Google’s recent updates, nearly 80% of keywords no longer appear in search results. This is an attempt by the popular search engine to reduce the ability of SEO expert to track their keywords performance, taking away the ability of concentrating more on specific KW. This ongoing problem has impacted the ability of users to extract vital data from analytic that pinpoint keyword and SEO performance. To combat this issue, the folks at have devised a tool that accurately measures KW accuracy and offers previously unattainable information. Utilizing a blend of data from analysts and webmaster tools, the tool is heralded for its real time results and precision.


not provided keywords

80% of keywords are not provided by google

 The SEO Monitor

SEO Monitor utilizes innovative tools that accurately analyze and assess keyword data. This information, of course, falls under the not-provided category, however, is the perfect solution for SEO professionals looking for better insight and performance. The tool also evaluates not provided SEO traffics using a combination of data from analytic, webmaster tool, your site data and a proprietary algorithm. With this impressive tool, SEO experts are able to control and manage their entries from one convenient and comprehensive source. With plans ranging from $24 – $199 per month, this is the ultimate solution for those feeling the brunt of Google’s new search algorithms and parameters. All plans come with a 14 days free trial for your convenience.

Additional Benefits

SEO Monitor unlocks hidden data from Google analytics. This allows users to see which branded and non-branded keywords are really driving productivity and results. Having this information is a key factor in securing greater visibility, while making sure your SEO strategies are in line and working. Whether you want to recover lost data or formulate new entries, you are guaranteed optimal accuracy and not just guess. The rank tracker is another benefit built in the system, which precisely measures the position of your keywords on the search engine pages.  Whether it’s generating leads or revenue, why rely on estimation when you can get clear and concise returns that foster greater online growth? This includes automated KW research, along with reputation, competitor, and rank tracking.

For more information on reliable and effective keyword management, simply visit today. Their services have received stellar reviews from SEO critics and clients alike. If you are struggling to attract and engage potential and new visitors, their tools are guaranteed to meet your needs within time and budget.