3 Tools to Expand Your Twitter Community

Twitter continues to soar in global popularity. With well over 974 million users, this social media network and platform has also become a central hub for business correspondence. Like Facebook, Twitter is designed to instantly generate a lasting and effective buzz about your products and services. No longer is the social utility simply used to rekindle old friendships and build new ones. With social media integration and mobile marketing, Twitter is simply a great way to expand your respective communities, while establishing brand validity, identity, recognition and awareness. If looking to secure higher visibility across leading search engines, the social media network features a myriad of tools that truly achieve desired results.

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Crowdfire is an easy tool, which has received stellar ratings by users and critics alike. Formerly known as JustUnfollow, this fantastic social media product is designed to help people gain more followers on Twitter, Instagram, and other networks. The followers, however, are specific to your respective industry, niche, or audience. Whether marketing to core or mass audiences, Crowdfire guarantees timely, effective, and lasting results. This includes greater conversion rates and social ROI, along with increasing engagements. The local functions are especially helpful in helping business owners tap into geo-specific trends and data that enable strong presences within local search results. As always, the tool encompasses mobile ready sites, and easily allows users to manage, add, or remove followers.


Commun.IT is another fine product that helps you effectively manage your Twitter communities. As a vital social media tool, Commun.IT features a comprehensive and user-friendly dashboard that makes community management a snap. Like Crowdfire, you can use this utility to search for local, statewide, regional, national, or even national followers via core orientated keywords. Instead of just an entire database of followers, however, this tool allows you to separate them into certain groups and sub-groups. This enables you to assess and analyze data, traffic, and posts. It also allows you to gain better insight on your followers, while streamlining and centralizing communication protocols. In fact one of the best functionality in commun.it is the ability to rapidly re-engage with many of your follower and community members with preformed message with just one click, so you can really rocket launch your followers building.


While Commun.IT allows rapid engagement with followers and re-tweets, Tweepi.com also helps you secure more social media energy. This amazing site features unique tools that help promote community management. Not only can you unfollow those that unfollow you, you can also follow those that are following your competitors. This helps you maintain a competitive edge in your industry, while truly staying ahead of the curve. You can also connect with followers that are interested in your specific products and services. With these three convenient tools, you are guaranteed to enhance your Twitter experience,