SEO for Tradesmen, Builders, Decorators, Plasterers and Plumbers.

Whether you are a builder, decorator, plasterer or plumber, at some point you will begin to see the importance of a website in your business. You want exposure right? Or you want your products and services to be known over a wide geographical area too, right? A website is thus a necessity, and not just any website but a SEO optimized website.


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What SEO does for your business?

SEO (search engine optimization) refers to using specific keywords to make your website visible. Having a website is great, but it’s not enough. Consider the number of businesses you are competing with out there. Just as you use off-site marketing campaigns to attract customers to your plumbing services, plastering services or decoration shop, you also need the same tactics to pull people (or traffic) to your website—hence the need for SEO.

SEO makes it easy for search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing to identify your content and rank it highly. If you search for YouTube today, you immediately get a link to the right website; bearing in mind there are several other gimmick websites out there going by the same name. That’s what SEO does; it will highlight your decoration, plumbing, beauty or constructor business and rank it highly over your competitors. If there are like 200 business competing with you in your geographical area, SEO will make your business uniquely stand out, thus customers will find it easy to find your business online, and with tools like seo mapping, they can easily find directions to your place.

With SEO tools used on your website, you will increase the number of people visiting your website daily, weekly or monthly. The more visits you get, the higher Google will rank your website and the more noticeable you get in the long run. So imagine having customers visiting your shop frequently without having to hang a banner outside your shop or distribute flyers. That’s how much easier marketing becomes when you use SEO.