Local Seo for Doctors and Dentists

When you own a website, over 50 percent of your visitors often come from Search Engines. This implies that over one half of your new clients get to know about your services from search. Additionally, 7-10 health-related inquiries often begin at search engines. In fact, most patients discover and evaluate their health moves or decisions online and they usually start by using search engines. This is why seach engine optimization (SEO) is important.

Again, as a doctor, you will also understand the importance of SEO when you picture this: in one month, a keyword such as “London dentist” is searched over 35,000 times. If you include additional key phrases (for instance, London cosmetic dentist), you can imagine the number of potential clients that your dental office can receive in just one month! Simply put, SEO will help your website rank well in search engines, which will benefit you in two ways:

· Drive traffic to your website and increase your businesses’ ROI

· Ranking well or high on search engines instills trust in your customers and potential clients.

Successful SEO strategies

While intense SEO tactics can involve very complicated restructuring, there are a few simple tips that you can employ yourself in order to boost your website’s search engine ranking. These include:

· Content: You need to add fresh content to your website regularly to increase traffic. One page website will never work; the best website for clients and search engines contain multiple pages of updated and useful content.

· Links: For your website to rank well, you must have quality links from other reputable websites and blogs that point back to your site.

· Stay Local With Google Local Business: Being listed locally will improve local rankings of your website considerably.

· Make Your URLs search-friendly: Ensure that your URLs are search-engine-friendly by incorporating clear and non-flashy keywords.

· Social Media Distribution: Another important way to rank your website is to distribute your website’s fresh content to relevant social networking platforms.

By and large, the odds are that your fellow doctors/dentist or competitors are already implementing SEO strategies, and there is no reason why shouldn’t join the band wagon- get started today and drive long term results for your business or career.