SEO for Estate and Letting Agents in London

Estate agents need to consider SEO as nearly 90% of buyers use online services when house hunting. With so much of online opportunity, realtors cannot afford to miss out on the traffic (existing and potential customers).

Rent, Rent, Rent.

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 Target Local Keywords

Most home buyers start their search with a local keyword or phrase. Estate agents need to focus on the city that they do their primary business when building their website. The site can be optimized with search terms such as real estate (city), homes for sale (city), real estate listings (city) and other similar keyword phrases. The target keywords need to be incorporated in the content in a natural way to make them interesting. The focus should be on capturing local traffic.

Write Blog Post on Key Properties

Although real estate agents have hundreds of property listings on their websites, there are some key properties that they may be motivated to sell. Blog posts that are specific to these properties can be written to attract traffic. It is advisable to follow the best SEO practices such as including the keyword in the Meta description, title tag, content and file name on images.

Images and Videos

Home buyers love seeing images and videos of homes that they are interested in buying. Testimonials on videos can also be used to capture the attention of the buyer.

Mobile Friendly Site

Most buyers are using their mobile devices to search for property listings. Make the website mobile friendly as buyers look to read general information about the property, get directions, compare features and prices and locate a broker.

Social Media

Realtors with active social media (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram) presence may be able to connect faster with their buyers. Incorporate social media in the website so that you may be able to interact with the client whenever they have a query about the property listed on your site.

Get listed in real estate agent directories so that you may be able to attract a lot of traffic to your site. You may be able to achieve success when you make a targeted approach towards your customers.