Data Scraping Service for Business: Create Your Marketing Database from Public Data

In the age of digital transformation, data has become the lifeblood of businesses. It drives decision-making, informs strategy, and offers a competitive edge. However, not every company has the resources or the know-how to tap into this goldmine of information. This is where our data scraping service comes into play.

Why Data Scraping?

Every day, millions of data points are generated and stored on public platforms, from social media posts to government databases. This data is a treasure trove of insights, waiting to be harnessed. Data scraping, also known as web scraping, is a technique to extract this data, allowing businesses to gather vast amounts of information in a structured manner.

Benefits to Your Business

  1. Tailored Marketing Strategies: With access to precise data, businesses can tailor their marketing campaigns to better target their audience.
  2. Competitor Analysis: Understand what your competitors are doing right and where they’re falling short.
  3. Risk Management: Use public data to foresee potential business risks and develop strategies to mitigate them.
  4. Product Development: Gain insights into what customers really want and refine your products or services accordingly.

How It Works

Our team of experts uses state-of-the-art tools and Python scripts to navigate the web, diving deep into public databases to retrieve the information you need. We ensure the data’s accuracy, structure it, and deliver it in a format that’s ready for analysis.

Industries That Can Benefit

While virtually every industry can leverage our data scraping services, some sectors stand to gain more. These include:

  • Marketing: Understand market trends, audience preferences, and more.
  • Construction: Gather data on potential sites, materials, and industry standards.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Stay updated on drug trials, research papers, and more.
  • Real Estate: Get insights on property prices, neighborhood demographics, and market demands.
  • E-commerce: Monitor product prices, customer reviews, and competitor strategies.

Get Ahead with Data

In today’s fast-paced business world, staying ahead of the curve is essential. And with our data scraping service, you can be sure to have the insights you need, right at your fingertips. Whether you’re a startup looking to understand your niche or a multinational wanting to expand, public data can be your stepping stone to success. Let us help you turn raw data into actionable insights.

Servizio estrazione di dati da database pubblici con Python

Nell’era digitale odierna, i dati sono il nuovo oro. Le aziende di ogni dimensione cercano di accedere a informazioni preziose per prendere decisioni più informate, ottimizzare le loro strategie e ottenere un vantaggio competitivo. Ma come si può ottenere accesso a questi dati, specialmente se sono nascosti in database pubblici disseminati su Internet? La risposta è l’estrazione di dati, nota anche come web scraping, e Python è uno degli strumenti più potenti per svolgere questo compito.

Python: Lo Strumento Ideale per l’Estrazione dei Dati

Python è un linguaggio di programmazione versatile e ampiamente adottato che offre una vasta gamma di librerie e moduli specificamente progettati per l’estrazione di dati. Librerie come Beautiful Soup, Scrapy e Requests sono diventate lo standard del settore per raccogliere informazioni da pagine web e database online.

Perché scegliere il nostro servizio?

  1. Esperienza e Professionalità: Il nostro team di esperti ha anni di esperienza nell’utilizzo di Python per estrarre dati da fonti complesse, garantendo risultati precisi e tempestivi.
  2. Personalizzazione: Ogni progetto di estrazione dati è unico. Analizziamo attentamente le vostre esigenze per fornire soluzioni su misura.
  3. Integrazione: Una volta estratti, i dati possono essere integrati con altre piattaforme o strumenti, come CRM, sistemi di analisi o qualsiasi altro software aziendale.

Industrie che possono beneficiare del nostro servizio:

  • Marketing: L’analisi dei dati può rivelare tendenze emergenti, comportamenti dei consumatori e aree di opportunità inesplorate.
  • Costruzioni: Accedi a informazioni sulle licenze edilizie, progetti in corso e tendenze dell’industria.
  • Farmaceutica: Monitora le ricerche cliniche, le tendenze del mercato e le innovazioni nel campo della salute.
  • Finanza: Ottieni insight su mercati, trend e movimenti economici.
  • Vendita al dettaglio: Analizza tendenze di acquisto, inventario e comportamenti dei consumatori.
  • Turismo: Scopri le tendenze di viaggio, le recensioni degli ospiti e le statistiche di prenotazione.


L’estrazione di dati da database pubblici con Python non è solo una moda passeggera, ma una necessità nell’attuale panorama competitivo. Se desideri avere accesso a informazioni preziose senza il fastidio di raccoglierle manualmente, il nostro servizio di estrazione di dati è la soluzione che fa per te. Contattaci oggi per scoprire come possiamo aiutarti a trasformare i dati in intuizioni preziose per la tua azienda.

Identifying Opportunities: G Rated Properties Database for Eco-Friendly Marketing

In the modern era, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword – it’s a necessity. With increasing awareness about climate change and the need to conserve our planet’s resources, companies and individuals are looking towards eco-friendly solutions more than ever. Recognizing this shift, we have curated a specialized database for companies aiming to target properties with the highest potential for energy conservation: G rated properties.

Why G Rated Properties?
G-rated properties represent the lowest end of the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) scale in terms of energy efficiency. This means they have the most room for improvement, making them prime candidates for eco-upgrades, be it insulation, heating, or renewable energy installations.

The Potential of Eco-4 Schemes:
The Eco-4 scheme, and its predecessors, have been pivotal in promoting energy conservation and reducing carbon footprints in the UK. With financial incentives and a push towards greener living, companies offering eco-friendly products and services have a golden opportunity. Our database is tailored for businesses aiming to market their products directly to homeowners and landlords of these G-rated properties.

Key Features of Our Database:

  1. Comprehensive Data: Our database isn’t just a list of addresses. It offers comprehensive data on each property, providing a holistic view and enabling better-targeted marketing strategies.
  2. Regularly Updated: In the dynamic world of real estate, properties get upgraded, and their ratings change. We ensure our database remains current with regular updates.
  3. Filtered for Precision: We understand the importance of precise targeting. Our database is meticulously curated to ensure only G rated properties are included, ensuring your marketing efforts are laser-focused.

How Can Companies Benefit?

  1. Targeted Marketing: With our database, companies can direct their marketing efforts towards a specific audience, ensuring better conversion rates.
  2. Supporting Sustainability: By focusing on G-rated properties, businesses are directly contributing to the global goal of sustainability, enhancing their brand image.
  3. Stay Ahead of the Competition: As the eco-conscious market grows, having access to specialized data sets you apart from competitors.

Unlock the Power of Tailored Databases for Direct Mailing:

In today’s digital age, one might assume that traditional marketing methods, like direct mail, have lost their edge. However, the reality is quite the opposite. Direct mail, especially when powered by a targeted and tailored database, can offer an unparalleled personal touch, catching the recipient’s attention in ways digital methods often can’t. For businesses looking to make a lasting impression, our specialized G-rated properties database is a treasure trove. Imagine the impact of your eco-friendly product’s brochure landing directly on the doorstep of someone who stands to benefit the most from it. With our database, you aren’t just sending out mail; you’re delivering value, right where it matters. Don’t miss out on this chance to revolutionize your marketing strategy, connect on a personal level, and drive significant ROI through tailored direct mailing campaigns

A Goldmine for Diverse Industries – Who Can Benefit from our G-rated Properties Database?

The quest for more energy-efficient homes is not just a trend; it’s a necessity. And several industries are at the forefront of this movement. Estate Agents can offer invaluable advice to sellers on improving their property’s energy rating, potentially increasing its market value. Eco4 Scheme Approved Companies have the perfect opportunity to target homes most in need of their services, promoting greener living and energy savings. Boiler Installers can tap into a market of homes that might be using outdated heating systems, offering modern, efficient alternatives. Insulation Companies can identify properties that stand to benefit the most from improved insulation, providing tailored solutions that promise both comfort and cost savings. Lastly, Window Companies can approach homeowners with the proposition of not just aesthetically pleasing window replacements, but ones that bolster heat retention and energy conservation. In essence, our database is more than just a list; it’s a pathway to opportunities, growth, and a greener future.

In the race towards a greener future, data-driven decisions are paramount. Our G-rated properties database is a step in that direction, offering companies a unique advantage in their marketing efforts. If you’re a business looking to make a mark in the eco-4 scheme and contribute to a sustainable future, this database is your key to unlocking countless opportunities.

How to start your own Fitness Personal Trainer Business with £70

Do you want to start a business but you do not have start up capital? With today’s technology, it is possible to create a business with virtually no advance capital with tools that you already have. The advent of the internet has greatly revolutionized the way we do business. The internet has allowed small companies to increase their visibility by giving businesses a global audience never seen before in history. The best thing is that it is cost effective. Don’t believe me? Allow me to take you through the journey of starting your own fitness personal trainer business with £70. You will be surprised.

Downward facing dog


1) Step one: you. Cost £0

Since you will be at the forefront of your business you might have skills that can be used, such as that personal training course you did years ago and never put into good use (time for a career change?). There are millions of people out there looking for someone that can give them exercise instructions or prescriptions, and you might just be the one. Your skills will cost you nothing, and you can always improve by reading books or watching videos pertaining to fitness.

2) Laptop and mobile phones. Cost £0

Today, most businesses can be started with just a pc and a mobile phone that you probably already own. Smart phones today do quite a lot, turn them into your mobile office. You do not have to invest in expensive material such as cameras or video cameras so that you can start your online personal training business. With your phone you can easily take quality videos of you doing yoga, press ups or chin ups. You can also take photos using your smartphone and easily post them to your clients.

3) Website. Use WordPress. Cost £0

For your business you will need WordPress. WordPress is one of the best portfolios that you can use. You do not have to have previous knowledge of programming or html, since it is already done for you by their engineers. Moreover, it is very powerful with many plugins that come in handy in creating beautiful and efficient websites. The best thing is that it is free, without compromising on the quality of service that you will receive.

4) Domain. Cost £10.

You will need a domain for your site. A domain name is the equivalent of a phone contact and you have definitely used it millions of times when you visit the internet. Whenever you want to access any website, you first type in its web address. You will therefore require a domain name so that your clients will be able to access your website. Most domains do not cost more than £10 a year. I suggest you get one from which has served me for many years without problems.

5) Hosting. Cost £5

For your site you will need hosting. Hosting allows you make your website accessible through the World Wide Web. This will enable you to have a web page and therefore you can upload the necessary files for your fitness instructor website. I have tried many hosting service providers but is pretty solid and functional. It is one of the most popular and efficient web hosting company. You also get to host unlimited sites and unlimited disk space so that you can efficiently store your yoga photos, videos and word content. Initially go for shared hosting that should not cost more than £5 a month. This is where several websites reside on a single web server. It is more economical because overall cost of maintaining the server is distributed over to many customers.

6) Adwords. Initial cost £25

Start getting customers straight away with a google adword campaign. Your website needs to be well advertised if you want to convince people to employ your services. Google Adwords is rather pocket friendly and you get to expose your personal training services to millions of people. If you are a new customer to Google Adword, you pay £25 and you get £75 to try. If the campaign is set up correctly it will not be long before the telephone start ringing and you website gets an immense traffic that you could never have imagined.

7) Google my business. Cost free

Register your local business in google local. It is free and you will get your business displayed in local search, which translates to free traffic and more customers. It connects you directly to the customers, whether they are looking for you on google search, google maps or google plus. In case your customers would like to meet up with you, you can give them the appropriate directions from the maps, the hours of operation or your business phone number. To sign up for Google my business, visit

8) Start a blog. Cost £5

It is essential that you write about your expertise to attract clients, and prove yourself that you are a pro and generate traffic to your site. Make your blog posts interesting and informative so that will encourage potential customers to visit your website for detailed information. If you are too busy hire a writer on and you can get quality web content at affordable prices. Outsourcing web content is a good strategy to infuse diversity, creativity and different styles to your website.

9) Get a receptionist to answer your calls. Cost £25

Everyone today can have the luxury to have a private receptionist to take your call send you an email with the client contact. This enables you to keep doing what you are good at without the need to answer the telephone yourself. Since the receptionist is the first person that interacts with a client, you would have to look for one that is warm and welcoming. You also need to get someone who can answer customer’s inquiries and direct them appropriately. You can check, which has served me for many years without fault.

Starting your business should be easier, faster and an indelible experience. With barely £70, you can start your fitness personal trainer business. Try it today. Rest assured, you will not be disappointed.

How to Grow your Food Business through Social Media

Are you trying to grow your food business? Offering your customers good food is crucial but it is only half the picture. Today, social media is one of the best way of promoting your business. Often free to use for businesses, social media is where you can get a new audience without the cost of running a major traditional marketing campaign. The social networks come with many benefits but they are not all apparent. In this guide I will train you about the best tactics that will give you authority in social media. My aim is to help to grow your food business without spending a fortune.

Collage of Digital (Social) Networks

1. Use them all

All social media platforms can help transform your food business. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, are some of the best marketing tools where the business owners can keep in contact with their clients. All these platforms use different styles and have different customer bases and objectives. It will be advisable to use all of them so that you can reach out any possible interest.

Twitter: start by setting up a Twitter account for your food business. The account should have the company name and logo and your profile should be completed with all information. It seems obvious but you will be surprised to see how many business have incomplete profiles, it does not really look good.
You should send tweets to your customers regularly. Twitter has a very fast content flow which is rapidly consumed by its users, this will ensure that all your customers are kept engaged. When you maintain an active twitter account, you will not only inform your customers about your business but you can also use as a customer care service platform, as many brand do so now.
An interesting feature of twitter is ability to use hash tags, you should use them to help users to find your content.

Facebook: in the past, Facebook was used as a communication tool between school mates and friends. However, as times went by, it grew exponentially becoming the largest social site ever. Business owners are now using the platform to promote their business and you should do the same. Facebook is also working hard to ensure that it is business friendly by adding new marketing tools all the times (find out who is visiting your pace with Facebook insight). Starting a Facebook page for your food business will be the first step. Post interesting and fun items on your Facebook account to attract clients regularly. Here the pace is much slower (when compared to twitter). It is a good idea to post on facebook at strategic times when your users are online. Start the easy way, post some content about your business and ask your friends to like and share it, you might be surprised to see your content going viral with little effort. If you think that the average person has 300 friends on facebook it does not take much to get more eyeballs on your business.
Instagram: Instagram is an image-driven version of the social media networks. At the moment, the site is owned by Facebook, so it is growing fast and you might be want to be in there too. You can use your phone to snap a picture and post it to the platform. The most distinguishing feature of this platform is that you can play with the appearance of the photos using the filters giving them a cooler look. As you do food, taking pictures of your succulent preparation is a win win move for your business. Ensure that your shots are neat and enticing, instagram user will like and share them.

Create written content

You need to create good content for your food business by starting a blog. Since you are an expert in your field, you will increase traffic to your site and in the process gain more customers. Write articles and share them on social media. Writing original content is always the best option as the search engines will help your site get the best exposure. If your content is copied no one will link to it and as such it will defeat the purpose of writing content in the first place. Focus on creating strong headlines for your content as this spark interest and invite readers to your site. The headline is as important as the article or post itself. Research shows that 80% of people will read your headlines but only 20% will read the content. Make your content actionable to give the user a sense of how they can get to apply the information.

Pictures: be visual

People usually learn differently. Some will learn better by reading while others prefer images. Most people however prefer visual aids and as such use pictures, diagrams or videos so use them to better illustrate your points. Visuals will help to sustain the concentration of your readers to your content. Nobody likes to look at plain texts and paragraphs unless they are reading a textbook. Add images that add value to your content and be careful to avoid boring stock photography.

Run giveaways, give your products to social media user and blogger, use their feedback to your advantage.

You can give offers and coupons to people to get discounts at your food store. Most people like gifts and discounts this will encourage reciprocity, you give them something your customers will write praising words. Offer exclusive coupons to social media followers for example $10 0ff their next order. Allow for feedback from your newly acquired customers asking them to review your services and post them on social media. Make sure to take their feedback seriously and offer positive response. The reviews from social media users will help to promote your business further. Most customers will only be interested in something that has been proved to work for others and they will go through the reviews to see what other social media users are saying about your business. Address negative responses and appreciate the positive ones to create a transparent and friendly online persona online about your business.
It is also a good idea to give free products to influencers. Influencers are bloggers with many followers and they might act as testimonial for your business. So go ahead and offer freebies in exchange of honest reviews. The reviews can be then shared on social media to generate more energy and buzz around your business.

Social media competitions are fun, introduce them in your food business

Do you know that contests can help promote your food business? These contests can be done through social media platforms. The winners of the contests should be awarded prizes that are good enough to convince more people to participate. Everybody loves free food. You can use fun games such as picture caption contests in exchange coupons in order to engage your social media followers. Pick one or a few winners with the most creative comments and send them a free coupon to use the next time they visit your food store or restaurant. These contests are a quick win for both the fans and your restaurant too. There various types of contests that you can run on social media ranging from riddles, trivia questions, photo contests, fill-in-the blanks to caption contests. You do not need huge budgets for this you just have to choose the ones that works best for you and your social media fans.

Be a brand

If you need your food business to grow fast, you must make it a brand. Always make sure you act like the big food companies in the market. These companies use different strategies to make their business successful, copy them. It is advisable to emulate what they do. Use their marketing ideas on your food business, and you will become successful. You can learn many valuable lessons from the big-brand approach to social media. The following are some of the things that you can emulate and will surely work for you.

• Find where your customers are talking and go deeper – Choose a platform where you have the highest fan base and post a content or promotions. You will be leveraging the promotion on a platform where you are sure to get the highest visibility, giving your followers an incentive to become loyal to your brand.

• Create amazing content that will get people talking about – Only give visitors the content they need in order to spark a conversation. Create engaging and thought provoking content that leave readers with questions. Have an important and promising introduction and throw in a story somewhere within. People love stories and as such it can be an antidote for boredom and it can also help clarify a point in your blog post. A good introduction will come in handy as it can help people make quick judgments about your blog posts. If it’s boring they won’t even think of reading it.

• Use your social media accounts to listen to the customers – You need to be available to your audience in real time to have more meaningful back-and-forth conversations. Auto-posting might be an effective way to communicate to your customers but it is one sided as it does not allow for feedback from the correspondents. However, engaging with your social media fans in real conversations will add more value to your social stream and bring your food business better results. You can also frequently update you posts and content to assure your audience that you are there.


5 Benefits of Having Guest Posts

With the new digital age upon us, blogging has truly taken a life of its own. No longer is blogging simply a part of any online marketing or advertising campaign. In fact, today’s blogs play a pivotal role in establish brand validity, awareness and greater visibility across Google. The key to successful blogging, however, is to effectively attract and engage readers with captivating and compelling content. Your blogs should also be relevant to the industry you serve, as well as orientated towards customers and clients. Like any weekly writing series, however, content can get repetitive and writer’s block may set in. To prevent your blogs from drying out, having a guest author is highly recommended.

Guest Blog

Post Different Views.

Guest authors can add a different view to your blog – one that might sway from the norm. Different authors will also use different keywords, while presenting new ideas and points of view that you might not have thought before. In a nutshell, guest bloggers can truly spruce your blogs, while offering a breath of fresh air and new perspectives on categories and topics. In recent months, several well-established blogs have brought in guest bloggers to discuss a myriad of issues related to specific industries and sectors. Why not do the same with your blog and see how interesting it can be?

Fresh and New Content

Maintaining a weekly blog can be a time-consuming and tedious affair. Guest writers can add fresh and new content to your site, which can truly engage and draw in more visitors. Remember, the more likes and subscribers you get – the higher your conversation rates and visibility. This can lead to higher profits and revenue, along with a steady flow of loyal and recurring readers. Guest bloggers also offer new and interesting aspects on your industry covering points that maybe you missed out on in the past.

Establish New Relationships

If your guest poster has amassed a loyal following, you might have that new business partner you were looking for. In fact, guest bloggers can manage your blogs if you wish – this allows you to concentrate on other parts of marketing and advertising your business to core, niche or mass audiences. Hiring or working with guest writers also builds new friendships that can last for years to come!

Secure New Followers

Guest bloggers create shareable content, which is essential in attracting new customers and followers. It’s almost certain that your guest writer will have a Twitter of Facebook account with a lot of followers. This is the perfect platform to share your blog and articles with his or her followers, resulting in greater exposure and visibility across vast digital networks. This is simply a win-win situation that can generate a lasting buzz about your brand, site, blog and especially services.

That Expert Touch

Guest writers may be experts in a field where you have little to no knowledge of. This adds true value to your site and presents your brand as a true professional entity. All it takes is a little legwork to network and connect with the right guest posters for your blog. This includes checking the Internet, along with existing blogs that are relevant to your business, clientele and niche. Happy Blogging!

Blogging Services for SME in the UK.

Language Media LTD blogging services.

With the digital age upon us, blogging is simply essential for any new or existing commercial venture. In fact, it plays a key role in any online marketing or advertising campaign. With new businesses popping up in the UK every day, the ability to effectively market products and services to mass audiences is paramount. This helps your small or medium entity compete with more established companies, while establishing brand validity and awareness. Along with mobile marketing and social media integration, daily blogging can also help you maintain a competitive edge in your respective niche or field. With captivating and compelling content, you can easily attract and engage new and existing customers. Running a daily blog is even essential for SEO purposes, and can propel your business to new heights.

Blogging for Business

Blogging for business is a must for anyone that wants to compete in this challenging and diverse market. Sadly, many UK companies and brands are simply not reaping the awards of blogging. With the latter, you can include links that connect potential and existing clients to the products and services they seek. You can also promote special sales, along with new products and services. With localization and mobilization continuing to be all the rage, customers simply want to access information while on the go. No longer do they have time to search for information via traditional desktops and conventional laptops. As a result, your blog must be optimized to appear within local and regional search results. This helps extend your brands reach on the web, while showcasing your brand as a true professional enterprise.

Blogging for Growth and Expansion

Blogging has helped countless companies secure brand recognition, identity, and higher visibility across vast digital networks. This includes leading search engines, as well as online business venues. If pressed for time, however, companies like offer a myriad of affordable blogging services for all types of businesses. With years of extensive industry experience, they have the tools and expertise to truly achieve your desired results. In this day and age, brand messaging is the cornerstone of a potentially lucrative business. Even firms that are thriving rely on blogging services to keep their content fresh and active. Most of all, blogging can help your firm become a true industry leader.

Digital Marketing and SEO For Mortgage Brokers

Digital marketing is the promotion of services, brands, and goods using the web, mobile and other communication channels. The technique is comparatively cheap because it is readily available in various digital equipment. Additionally, the procedure is fast and convenient. These are some of the reasons why financial professionals involved in mortgages should embrace the method. Digital marketing is also efficient because it uses various channels, including video and audio streaming, social bookmarking, search engine advertising, RSS feeds, email and websites. The following are additional reasons why mortgage finance professionals embrace digital marketing:

Real Time Results

Using digital marketing strategies allow you to boost your business quickly. This can be attributed to the many advertising avenues used by digital marketing. SEO, on the other hand, allows your website to be ranked higher in search engine results. Basically, businesses that have websites are more successful than those that don’t. To improve the ranking of your website, you need to make use of SEO strategies.

Greater Exposure

Digital marketing ensures that you reach many people from different locations. At an affordable rate, you will be able to reach many people within a short period. Increased exposure that comes with digital marketing will drive more people to your website and business. Additionally, optimizing the key word search content on the website will ensure that you realize long-term returns on your investment, after which you will only require a fairly low cost to maintain the website ranking.

Simple to Measure

With digital marketing, you can measure the success rate of your advertisement campaign online. This makes it easy for you to adjust anything that is not working for your business and improve the results. Digital marketing allows you to measure the amount of traffic to your website.

Digital marketing is a new and continually evolving method of marketing your company’s products and services. The method offers you many advertisement channels, hence increasing your chances of success. This technique, combined with SEO strategies will improve your ranking and grow your clientele base as a mortgage broker. Additionally, you will also be able to tell the number of potential clients who have visited your website at any given time.

Three Reasons to Translate your Site in French

There is simply no denying that the digital revolution has opened up the borders where commerce is concerned. No matter what size your business may be having a website is vital, but some businesses do not take advantage of the possibilities of translating their site into languages other than English. French is one language that is often overlooked, yet it is one that can potentially increase your customer base. As one of the more powerful economic forces in Europe, France remains important where international sales are concerned.

Paris Old Metro Signboard

French language Experts in London – source


Why translating your site in French?

Every business, online or otherwise, is dependent upon reaching a target audience that is interested in the products or services it provides. Where the internet is concerned this is of vital importance. Consider this fact: 83% of the French population uses the internet, and it has been proven that if you offer readers a site in their own language they are five times more likely to purchase from you. The sheer number of potential customers just within France cannot easily be overlooked, and there are more benefits to consider.

Canada and Further

It should not be forgotten that, in addition to France itself, the language is the first form much of the population of Canada; indeed, it is a fact that, across the world, 75million people have French as a first language. This is a figure that implies a very large target audience that you need to tap into. Both France and Canada are well-developed and thriving commercial centres, and with the world of internet commerce growing all the time, you need to be on the ball when it comes to attracting these international customers.

Not only are France and Canada important countries for international commerce, but having a website in foreign languages, including French, shows that you are interested in the people who speak that language, and they will appreciate your courtesy in taking the trouble to give them a French language site. A major player in the European Union, and in Europe itself, France cannot be overlooked in terms of major potential sales gains, and it would be beneficial to translate your site into French to capitalise on this opportunity.

The Role of Language Media LTD

Language Media Ltd is a web translation company based in London. We are French language consultancy experts when it comes to French language content copy writing, blogging, adwords management, SEO and translating. If your company wants to target the French speaking world we can help translating, search engine optimising and create new content for your company.

Why You Should Translate Your Site in Italian

Emergence of Italian e-commerce

With over 63 million Italian speakers worldwide, today Italy is one of the fastest developing e-commerce markets in the world. Being third after China and India in terms of digital shopping growth rate, Italian-speaking consumers have been consistently creating a high demand for online retail businesses.
Since the beginning of e-commerce upsurge in 2010, the number of regular Italian e-shoppers has grown dramatically and is approaching 10 million at present time; this amount continues to rise as consumer confidence increases and internet shopping becomes a way of lifestyle.. Since English is a foreign tongue for most Italians, translating content into the native language of your potential customers might be a vital step of the marketing strategy and brand exposure.
Below are a few prominent reasons for launching your website in Italian:

Italian Flag

Italian Language Experts in London – source


Overall Digital Market Penetration

Digital penetration in Italy has made a grand leap in recent years as online shopping has become a growing trend: in a country where 60% of the population have regular access to the internet connection, millions of buyers are making virtual purchases on a continual basis.
During the next two years from today the percentage of online shoppers is likely to exceed the 50% of the total population, while the number of transactions will reach beyond 180 million. As digital devices such as tablets and smartphones become more affordable web shopping intervenes into daily routine of Italian consumers. Meeting their satisfaction expectations by offering a translated version of your website is a most certain way to enhance user involvement and, potentially, boost your sales.

Growing E-commerce Opportunities

As an emerging market, Italy has a noticeably higher growth perspective than mature markets which are beyond an active extension phase.
While the vast majority of consumers still choose PC as their primary means of purchasing goods online, usage of tablets and mobile devices gradually becomes part of the e-shopping custom. Mobile apps accessible in the Italian language should benefit both users and business owners who are most interested to support the trend. Since mobile e-commerce spreading pattern is very similar to the PC shopping tendency, investing in apps and mobile pages translation should pay off in the long run.

Rising Consumer Confidence

Italian e-commerce proves to be on a steadily developing track backed by the rising consumer confidence. Whereas the digital shopping spree mostly influences younger sectors of the population, the prospects are that people aged 35 and up will fit the online shopping scenario. Consumers familiar with internet shopping have their own habits and expectations – comprehensive content and navigation are usually the most common ones; making your website available in the user’s native tongue may, therefore, be the decisive factor in the purchasing process.
The inception of e-commerce and online buying patterns have reshaped retail business models all around the internet world: targeting international audience imposes optimization adjustments, one of which is providing web-content in the prospect’s mother language; being the fourth most populated country in Europe with an intensively growing virtual shopping tendencies, Italian market is becoming a lucrative target for trading companies and global retailers.

The Role of Language Media LTD London  and the Italian Language.

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