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As most of the local businesses focus on the English speaking markets, you might feel that  it is increasingly becoming crowed with competition. So the smart business owner should always look for other markets to push business forward, so why not start looking at foreign markets. It is understandable that this has barriers: typically languages but also technological.  However with the raise of online job market places such as odesk and fiverr finding a decent translator is not a big issue.  In addition to this, new and effective plugins have popped out to help spread your blog to foreign horizons. The possibility of blogging in more than one language has brought in string of advantages both for the simple day to day blogger and multinational corporates. Being able to blog in several languages allows you to reach newer market beyond your geographical region. It makes it easy for your business to carry out marketing campaigns in countries that don’t speak your dialect. Multi-language blogging gets more traffic to your business as the global consumer market can access your webpage. Multilanguage blogging helps your business grow, expand its territories, bring in more resources and even the chance to employ new workers both locally and overseas.

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Expand your business abroad with WordPress and WPML plugin



Tools for the Multilingual Blogger: WordPress & WPML

WordPress already provides a ready blogging platform complete with pre-customized templates to re-design how your page looks like. Moreover, with the advancement made in technology, you can also transition your normal blog to a more professional look called a weblog. This opens you to more features like analytic tools and a proper web layout accessible both on desktop and smartphone. To help work better with wordpress, plugins such as WPML (Word Press Multi Lingual) allows you to blog in other languages besides English. With this plugin you can translate our blog pages to different languages and even translate foreign blog pages into your own language. Additionally, you can translate menus, comments from different blog visitors and even posts. WPML has been designed to sync to any wordpress theme you use plus there is ready support from wordpress in case you experience any technical issues. With both wordpress and WPML plugin at your disposal, there is no limit to how many markets you can reach, how many consumers you can reach, and how much your clientele can grow. It becomes possible to hold marketing campaigns on a global scale, allowing more and more consumers to participate in your brand and product. And the best part is, using both wordpress and its plugins is completely free for the first time blogger and additional features are available at a pocket friendly subscription.

Targeting Spanish Speakers Online

As the 21st century rolls on the prospect for growing a business online expands. All businesses should have an online presence, no matter how big or small, but how do you go about attracting international customers as well as those in the domestic market? The trick is to offer your website in languages other than English, but which language do you begin with? There is little doubt that you should certainly consider Spanish; it’s language that is spoken not just in Spain, but in practically the whole of South America, hence its importance in online trade.

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Why Translate your site into Spanish?

Capturing foreign trade is not just about offering your goods or services in other countries, but also about convincing the foreign markets you actually care about them. For example, it is known that anyone reading a website in their own language is five times more likely to buy the product or service than if they were reading in English. Reassuring people that you have gone to the trouble to give them the information in the easiest to read form is something that they will notice and respond to. Hence, to attract Spanish speakers, a website in Spanish is a necessity.

Beyond Spain

In addition to the internet-using population of Spain – itself an important market in Europe – one has to consider the sheer number of people across the world who speak Spanish as a first language. As already mentioned, this encompasses most countries in South America. When the numbers are crunched, the fact is that more than 500million people across the world are Spanish speaking: no business can afford not to offer appeal to such a vast number of potential customers.
With a potential reach covering not just Spain but the likes of Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Peru and many more – 21 countries to be exact – it is clearly a major bonus to offer a Spanish language website. The growth of a business depends upon people reading the information that is offered to them in the first place, and by taking the time and courtesy to translate into Spanish you are increasing your potential marketplace by no small amount.

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When it comes to Spanish language translations, SEO, copy writing and blogging we are the leading experts. Language Media LTD specialise in search engine optimisation for website written in Spanish. We can help your company to gain ranking and new traffic if you are targeting Spanish speakers in Spain or Latin America. We can also help to translate existing pages from English into Spanish, or create new content for blogs.

You are missing out not Translating your E-Commerce Site into German

The world of digital commerce opens up the possibilities for international trade, no matter how big or small your business. However, some people fail to see the benefits of translating into certain languages: take German, for instance, a language often overlooked when it comes to expanding a business’s boundaries. German is a language that is surprisingly widely spoken and, as one of the dominant countries in Europe, Germany remains a very lucrative market for many commercial entities.

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Why German?

The success of any e-commerce business depends upon the audience it reaches; consider that Germany has some 68 million internet users and it is easy to see why failing to translate a site into German can be a major mistake. That is a huge potential market which must include some customers for just about any area of commerce. By giving those German users a site in their own language you are improving your chances of gaining their custom considerably; indeed, research shows that people are five times more likely to purchase your product or service if the website is in their own language, a fact that simply cannot be overlooked.

European Market

As we have already mentioned, Germany is one of the major economic forces in the European Union, and in Europe itself. Such a powerful country gives you the chance to find a market that has yet to be exploited, and with 120million German speakers across the world there is clearly scope for expansion. A forward thinking and developed country with a strong internet presence and a growing e-commerce infrastructure, missing out on the rapidly expanding German market may be a mistake you regret.
In conclusion, Germany is an important market with a vast number of internet users, some of whom will certainly be interested in the product or service you offer. By giving them a website dedicated to their language you not only make it easier for them to understand what it is you have to offer, but you vastly increase your potential sales as they will be impressed by the fact you chose to build a German language site.

Language Media LTD London the German Language Experts.

Whether you need a simple translation, a whole new website or you need German language content for your products such as blog posts or copy writing Language Media LTD is here to help. We are the leading language experts when it comes to SEO, copy writing and web marketing. We can produce quickly and efficiently German language content for you.