Three Reasons to Translate your Site in French

There is simply no denying that the digital revolution has opened up the borders where commerce is concerned. No matter what size your business may be having a website is vital, but some businesses do not take advantage of the possibilities of translating their site into languages other than English. French is one language that is often overlooked, yet it is one that can potentially increase your customer base. As one of the more powerful economic forces in Europe, France remains important where international sales are concerned.

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Why translating your site in French?

Every business, online or otherwise, is dependent upon reaching a target audience that is interested in the products or services it provides. Where the internet is concerned this is of vital importance. Consider this fact: 83% of the French population uses the internet, and it has been proven that if you offer readers a site in their own language they are five times more likely to purchase from you. The sheer number of potential customers just within France cannot easily be overlooked, and there are more benefits to consider.

Canada and Further

It should not be forgotten that, in addition to France itself, the language is the first form much of the population of Canada; indeed, it is a fact that, across the world, 75million people have French as a first language. This is a figure that implies a very large target audience that you need to tap into. Both France and Canada are well-developed and thriving commercial centres, and with the world of internet commerce growing all the time, you need to be on the ball when it comes to attracting these international customers.

Not only are France and Canada important countries for international commerce, but having a website in foreign languages, including French, shows that you are interested in the people who speak that language, and they will appreciate your courtesy in taking the trouble to give them a French language site. A major player in the European Union, and in Europe itself, France cannot be overlooked in terms of major potential sales gains, and it would be beneficial to translate your site into French to capitalise on this opportunity.

The Role of Language Media LTD

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